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Laila Bin Hareb Almheiri is an Emirati serial entrepreneur, the founder & CEO of Alive Group, a keynote speaker, and a well-acknowledged expert on multiple disciplines with more than three decades of experience in transforming the aviation, cybersecurity, public transportation, and holistic healthcare sectors. 


Recognised as a key driver of meaningful change by helping  communities overcome significant issues, Laila also leverages her past experience in organic leadership, organizational transformation, and digital innovation to contribute immensely to the development of the UAE.


Dr. Laila founded Alive Group driven by bringing change to society and communities based on her personal experiences. Under the Group, she set up innovative diagnostics (Alive Medical), education (Alive Education and Events), and cybersecurity awareness (Alive Newledge) where she spearheads and views all operations while also providing consultation services to leave a lasting positive impact on society. Simultaneously, she works as the senior advisor to Bain & Company.


Laila has been honoured by the United Nations’ ICAO and IAWA as a global woman leader who has inspired generations. She has also been recognized among the Top 50 Influential Women in the Arab World by Forbes. She has been commended internationally and regionally with the World Women Leadership Awards, the US Stevie Award, and the UAE Aviation Personality of the Year for two consecutive years.


She is a visionary, a lifelong learner, and a mother and  has helped numerous women from neglected communities in Africa and Latin America by providing them opportunities in the aviation industry. She also gives lectures and keynote talks on her expertise within her respective fields.


Prior to founding Alive Group, Laila worked with the UAE GCAA, where she transformed the system to scale up to international standards. She was also recognized during her previous stint at the Dubai RTA, where she consulted on global contracts, including helping Spain with its public transportation systems. Previously, as the Senior IT Manager at DEWA, she was instrumental in upgrading and unifying integral systems through strategic IT planning.


She holds a PHD in scientific innovation in health management,  MBA degree in General Aeronautics, Aviation, Aerospace Science, and Technology and holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Software Engineering and most recently, received a certificate to be a Medical Holistic Therapist from the DHA.



For more information on Laila or to book her as a speaker at your next event, contact her brand manager, Shruti on or directly on ,

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