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Sleep apnea virtual workshop

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Please enjoy the sessions and stay tuned for your certification and a copy of the presentations

Please click on the zoom session when the session timing starts, and we recommend keeping this webpage open to locate the sessions quickly

Sleep Apnea Virtual Workshop Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 722 8588 8013

Passcode: sleepapnea

Introduction on Sleep Apnea Disordered Breathing (SDB) and OSA, Upper Airway Anatomy & Pathophysiology.


Meeting ID: 760 6145 9547

Passcode: sleepapnea

Innovation in Diagnosis of SDB and OSA


Meeting ID: 769 9973 7044

Passcode: sleepapnea

Oral Appliance Therapy &

Recommendation of American academy of sleep medicine


Meeting ID: 995 998 9468

Passcode: sleepapnea

Click to download your presentations            Active from 14th Nov to 20 Nov

Click to request your certificate and provide us with your full information to be printed on                            ! Active from 14th Nov to 20 Nov

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